Is it Better to Buy Bottled Nopales in the Grocery Store or Dehydrated Nopal Powder?

  • If the reason for buying Nopales is for the flavor, then I say -- buy it at the grocery store, since nothing compares to fresh Nopales.  However, if you are buying it for a host of nutrition and health reasons (like thousands seeking help with inflammation, diabetes control, gastrointestinal disorders, anti-oxidant support, and improved nutritional diet, etc.), then buying Nopal Powder is the better alternative as explained below.

    Most people who buy Nopal powder have likely asked this question at some point: "Isn't it less expensive to buy Nopales in the bottles at the grocery store? The answer is yes you can buy Nopales in glass bottles at the grocery store for less money. However looking at the price only isn't a fair way to compare since content needs to be considered as well. The reality is, if you take into consideration that it takes roughly 15 pounds of Nopal pads to equal 1 pound of pure dehdrated Nopal powder, then the answer is a resounding "No! Buying bottled Nopales in the store is NOT cheaper than buying it in dehydrated powder form." Another consideration to favor the Powder over fresh or bottled Nopal is the greater concentration of minerals, vitamins, and other phyto-nutrients that make up the dehydrated Nopal powder. A table spoon of dehydrated Nopal powder thus allows one to consume a greater amount of nutrition than eating several pounds of equivalent fresh Nopal.

    Who Makes Nopal Powder?

    Nopal powder is manufactured by various growers in Mexico.  They harvest their fields using organic cultivation techniques within a government protected Biosphere. Their Nopal is the high mountain volcanic soil grown Fruit & Vegetable variety of the Nopal species Genus - Opuntia ficus indica. The harvested plants are grown in fertile volcanic soils near the region of Milpa Alta, at elevations above 7,200 feet. Their products are now exported and consumed worldwide. 

    Where do I buy Nopal Powder in the USA?

    Nopal Powder is available directly through the web site of It comes in 12 ounce mylar-type bags (with a content of 44 tablespoons per bag).  Nopal powder can also be purchased in encapsulated gelatin pills, however it would take a dozen pills to equate with a heaping tablespoon of Nopal Powder in the mylar-type bag. Buying it in the bag is a better bargain.



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